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Auto-Mate Software

What We'll Do

Specializing in Intelligent Design

Auto-Mate Software will work on projects both large and small, long term and short term, either as the lead or consulting as part of a team. Whether you are looking for a complete system, modifications to an existing one, or help with some portion of one (database updates or reporting changes for example), our experience enables us to provide complete service.

We are available locally (in northern New England & New York) and able to travel anywhere.

Our specialties include:

Custom Programming in Visual DataFlex, Visual Basic, and Percon portables

Database Design and Optimization, particularly MS SQL Server

User Interface Design - A number of people have hired us just for this!

System Analysis

Reporting with Crystal Reports & custom Visual DataFlex or Visual Basic

Please contact us for rates* and availability


We work on a flexible rate schedule. Our rates are adjusted based on project size, complexity, and the client’s ability to pay. We’ll be happy to discuss this in further detail.

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