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Below are links to some of the programs and systems we’ve worked on.

Note that some information on these screens has been blacked out for privacy reasons and that they are listed in roughly chronological order..

Auto-Mate started with systems for Auto Parts stores, Garages, and Dealerships. These systems were all written in Character mode DataFlex, running on Netware and Alloy networks. They are all DOS based, as they were written when Windows© wasn’t on the market yet!

Sample Screens: (click to enlarge)

In this day and age of “got to have the newest”, many of these systems are still in use, some for well over 15 years, proving that good design is the least expensive long term investment.

We have also developed many Windows© based systems.

A Cutting Tool Quoting System. Note that this client likes color...

Sample Screens: (click to enlarge)

Some other screens from the same “colorful” client as above. This system maintains a large inventory and associated sales functions, creates routing cards for making the product, and tracks the product through the manufacturing process using handheld devices and barcodes.

Sample Screens: (click to enlarge)

Still more screens. These are from a Financial Services client and are only a small sample of what we did for them. Other work included a module to pay commissions on mutual fund & stock sales, a compliance module for compliance with the SEC & NASD, dealer tracking for a mutual fund company, and extensive reporting and analysis tools. We have a great deal of experience in this field.

Sample Screens: (click to enlarge)

Recently we completed a shipment receiving system for a warehouse. This was for an electronics component distributor.

Sample Screens: (click to enlarge)

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