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This receiving package is a small part of a much larger system that is currently still a DOS program. We’ve “converted” this part to see how the whole thing will work. So far it’s been a great success, speeding the process and requiring much less training. It has 4 steps to receiving, shown below:

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The first step is to find an open Purchase Order

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Once found, click on the Receive button to bring up the Receive view:

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This process is repeated until all shipments are received. Then they are picked & packed (this is a report that create pick lists, so it’s not shown here) and finally invoiced:

From here, the invoice can be printed, faxed or emailed. Packing lists are also created.

This entire module was created, tested and put live in under three weeks! This is an example of how fast (and well) applications can be created with Visual DataFlex.

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