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Auto-Mate Software has provided consulting services, custom software, database development and all around computer support since 1982

When writing custom software, we work primarily in Visual DataFlex, Character mode DataFlex, Microsoft Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Crystal Reports. The owner, Garret Mott, is an MCSE and MCDBA.

Auto-Mate was founded on the principle of providing easy to use, efficient software that is tailored to a client’s needs. Our philosophy is to provide systems that require a minimum of training and computer “literacy”. Systems designed by Auto-Mate won’t ask you to “Enter the Field Matrix” when what is really wanted is for the user to “Type the Part Number”! Check out the Complete Systems or Custom Software pages for more information.

As we have worked with clients over the years, we have found that many companies don’t realize just how inefficient their existing systems are. When it “does the job” it’s sometimes hard to see that the system may not be doing it well After all, just because the heel of your shoe will drive a nail, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it! Our consulting services can help you change that shoe into a hammer.

Being based in a small state (Vermont), and working with many different types of businesses, we have become accustomed to providing all-around service to our clients. Whether it be providing ways to improve or replace a system, custom programming, database design/optimization, setting up a small network, or expanding your system to the internet, we can do it at a surprisingly affordable price.

Please take a look at how we work (Custom Software or Consulting Services) and some of the systems we’ve developed (What We’ve Done or Complete Systems), then contact us to see if Auto-Mate Software and your company might make a good fit.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Northeast DataFlex Consortium

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