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The Parts Counter is designed for the independent auto parts store, whether large or small. Full featured inventory and flexible billing are two of its main strengths. Like all of our systems, all “views” of information (Customers, Inventory, etc.) are grouped within a container. The container can be resized to fit your needs and the system will remember how you set it up.

The starting point is the Invoice finder. From here you can find & view an invoice or create a new one.

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The Invoice is easy and quick:

Payments are easy to receive: Find the Customer, enter the Amount & Check Number, click Apply. Done!

Note the list of Invoices. Double-Click on one to view it in detail. This Customer has the optional Work Order & Towing modules, which is why those options are available.

Inventory is very flexible. Three prices plus list can be used for all items. Each can be calculated from cost or list, or entered from a price sheet. Average Cost can be calculated from any number of Vendors:

Parts Orders are created automatically for you and are quick to receive:

Update Inventory On Hand is a utility for quickly entering quantities while doing a physical inventory. If the number is correct, just click OK. If not, change the number and then click OK. The view will then automatically move to the next part number where you can do it again. If you need to stop & then start over, simply find the part number you want to start with & proceed from there.

Customer Information:

Customer’s Vehicles can be tracked, as well as parts that fit them so your staff doesn’t have to look them up every time:

Customers can get discounts on particular lines:

There are many other features of the system, and like all of our systems, it can be modified to suit your particular needs. Please contact us for more information.

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