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The PowerEquip system will work well for any small engine shop or even a small automotive repair shop. It also can be modified to work for any repair operation where you provide parts & labor.

As with all our systems, we try to make it easy to use and understand. The system uses terms that people in the industry understand.

This is the Scheduling view (note that some customer info is blanked out for privacy reasons & that the screens are reduced in size so they load faster):

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All current work orders are listed here & can be sorted, located, viewed, printed & changed with a few clicks of the mouse.

The center of the screen has 3 “tabs”: Problem/To Do (above) and Parts & Labor, below:

The Work Order saves all Customer & Equipment information for future use and gets Parts information from Inventory, or special order parts can just be entered manually. Labor descriptions for common jobs can be saved as well.

Here are a few more screens:

This is just a quick view of what the system has to offer.

Please contact us for more information & remember, we can change anything to suit your needs!

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